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About The Better Vizion

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The Better Vizion was founded in 2015 by creative director and photographer Anthony Matthews. Anthony is highly respected for his creativity, professionalism, and service from freelance to corporate. Anthony also has a passion for helping others reach their goals which is why TBV was taken from hobby into business.With over 12 years of study and experience in photography Anthony covers an array of photography projects.

The company "The Better Vizion" was named after Anthony's experience as a waiter working in a retirement home during college. He recalls a particular group of residents that sat in his section every night. As he took everyone's order he would get around to a couple in which the wife was legally deaf and the husband was legally blind. When it came time to take their order Anthony was always fascinated by how they worked together. Anthony I'll tell you what we want to order but you'll have to hand that menu over to my wife because she has "THE BETTER VISION!" The husband also shared wisdom which would help Anthony grow to become a successful entrepreneur.

With The Better Vizion we always aim to provide a quality service along with quality memories. We also look for opportunities to give a helping hand in the community. For many years Anthony has taught positivity to kids and adults in communities, fed the homeless, stood for fairness and equality, helped people see life beyond race, provided an example of life without gun violence and much more. With that said, we aim to follow these examples as a company.

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