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Let's Toast, It's Official!!!!

I'd like to start by welcoming you my new photography website. I'm not fully into journalism so forgive me but do know that I am always challenging myself to become better so in due time be prepared.

With this business I look forward to providing high quality images, creating new lanes for photographers to thrive, involving the community to bring out the arts, hiring people into my less-stress business model that allows people to enjoy careers that they love.

I don't share my story with too many people, lol I call myself saving it for my movie, but making it through everything I've come through has me ready to start counting wins and I will be looking for people over time to start counting long-term wins also in any way that I can.

So here we are lol 4 paragraphs in. Check out some of my work, spread the word, and lets make this major.

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