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Who Pays The Bills?

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So I was listening to the radio the other morning and a good topic was being discussed about who handles the bills in a relationship. I thought this was a good topic due to the fact that I see many couples struggle with this issue in their relationships and marriages. In the American society, I’ve witnessed bills take the forefront and deteriorate couples.

Many people will attempt to tell you that it is the man’s place to do this and it is the woman’s place to do that. Others will tell you it is the bread winner’s place to take care of the finances. When roles are heavily predefined this could expose a couple to what I call “robotic love”. When robotic love occurs, you are no longer loving for each other, you are loving for others outside of your relationship.

I want to share with you an idea of how to successfully handle the bills without destroying your love and potentially becoming robotic lovers.

When it comes to bills, it is important for any couple to work together to pay the bills and get ahead. When you think about bills in reality, they are only needs that supplement your style of living. Bills are important, but every couple must be careful on how they define bills. Bills do not define a person based on how they are paid. It’s best to just simply make sure they are paid.

They key is to work together to get ahead of the game, and stay ahead of the game. Once the pressure of bills falls on one person, you run the risk of causing a love imbalance in your relationship. Every couple should take the time out to define the financial aspects ahead of time to make sure they are maintaining a healthy love balance. In any relationship, communication is major. It’s important to discuss things before everything gets out of control. You don’t want your mate to over work themselves and have nothing left in the love tank.

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on who should handle the bills and any other roles in a relationship.

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