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A Secret to a Happier Relationship

When it comes to a relationship, happiness is a major part to a successful one. If you are in a relationship and don't have happiness you may be soon reaching an end.Fortunately you have this article in which I would like to share a big secret to pump more love flow into your relationship.

In a relationship it is very easy to encounter down times and it is pretty common for almost any couple to hit a dry patch. One of the biggest mistakes I believe any couple can make is placing expectations where they shouldn't be. Many times we commonly make the mistake of attempting to pre-define our partners and their roles. For example, a loving husband may say its a woman's role to wash the dishes. Another example is a loving girlfriend may find herself pushing her boyfriend to work extra hours because she may be under the impression that it is a man's role to work extra hard to earn income.

In actuality pre-defining roles to an extent can cause a relationship to crash and burn. From my experience, it seemed when I had pre-defined expectations of my partner, it caused me to overlook getting to know them for who they were. Getting to know your partner for who they are is a very important key to any relationship. When you get to know someone for who they are, it brings a better flow. So many times, you see relationships become a bit robotic when every step of the way is pre-defined. When you find yourself saying, this is what a man should do or this is what a man should be doing, you run the risk of attempting to make someone into something other than they are.

The secret that I've discovered to a happier relationship is that its best to learn your partner and see how you can bring out the best in them. Define what each other's strengths and weaknesses are and build love and happiness from there. Work towards leaving no room for unhappiness in your relationship. Maybe she isn't good at washing dishes, but the way she hits the gas pedal on the highway may be the thing that truly drives him wild about her. Maybe he forgets to open the car door every time, but he whips up a 5-layer lasagna that'll pump extra love flow into her heart.

When I speak of pre-defining roles, I believe its important to define them but not pre-define them. Take some time out to get to know your partner and what makes them unique. Your relationship will glow even more once this is done. It's also important for partners to communicate what they like, but without pressuring each other. And sometimes you even have to teach your partner in a fun and loving way to help them along the way.

What are your thoughts on what makes a happier relationship?

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